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NeKa (नेक) in India means a virtuous person who behaves in a moral and correct way. At NeKa.wear, we strive to walk on the same path. We are a technology driven clothing startup offering quality products, unique designs, and best price. Our aim is to contribute significantly in transforming India into a fashion hub catering to the needs of probably the world's most diverse demography.

We are into this business not just for business. With each customer engagement we don't just count the profit we've made but also evaluate the amount of trust gained and the value delivered.

We promise Q-U-A-L-M:
1. Quality Products
2. Unique designs
3. After Sales Support
4. Limited Edition
5. Minimum Retail Price

Our belief:
Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.― Henry Ford

A Few Words About

NeKa.Wear Founders

After successfully completing 8 years of their first joint venture (a.k.a. marriage), Ne(ha) and Ka(pil) have decided to start their second venture together (NeKa.Wear).
Neha holds degree in Law and in Music. She has been into diverse professions.
Kapil is an IT guy who loves reading and working on creative stuff.





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